Thursday, March 29, 2012


I just placed my very first ever ZOYA order!!! I have been wanting to try this polish forever but just never felt like I could justify the cost. But one of my friends my message board posted an awesome promo today and I was able to get some Zoya for cheap, and in colors that have been on my wishlist for a while. So be on the lookout for some Zoya posts in a couple of weeks! Yay!!!

STILL no Hunger Games polish WAAAAHHHHH. I called today and the shipment still hasn't come in so I guess I will check back tomorrow!

 My current project is swatching every single color of polish I own. I've never counted them, but it's a lot! I bought some nail polish wheels (it's a wheel of fake nails so you can display your colors and nail art) and I am in the process of painting them. I haven't decided yet if I am going to post pics of them on here or not. I may not because I might decide to physically swatch all my colors eventually. I know I have a LOT of untried polish that I have never worn and this will give me an excuse to wear them!

It was a sad day for me today. I've had a babysitting job for the past 3 months watching the cutest little 1 year old boy in the world, and it ended today. It was only temporary to start with and I knew this day was coming, but still sad not knowing when I am going to see or babysit him again. But, the good news is I will need something to fill my days with. That means more time to blog and play with my nails! Yay!!

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