Friday, April 6, 2012

Major Polish Haul!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been blogging much this week! I've been wasting my time watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix instead of blogging. I'm addicted to the show now and can't stop watching! (Thanks a lot, Robin!-my BFF in WA made me start watching it, so it's all her fault I haven't been blogging! Blame her!) I want to marry Ted Mosby and am in love with Barney Stinson! I have been in love with Neil Patrick Harris since his Doogie Days, though,  so that's no surprise! (Did I just reveal what an old fart I am? I think so.....woops!)

I went on a buying spree this week though since Sally's Beauty Supply has a great polish sale going on this month!(they really need to hire me with all the free PR I give them in this blog!) All polish brands are buy 2 get 1 free and you can mix and match brands! The sale doesn't end until April 30th so I am sure I will be buying more! Funny story about that too- When I was shopping there on Wednesday and trying to decide which colors to buy I was helping the other customers, more than the actual sales associate was! The store just opened so they don't have their price stickers up yet for the nail polish. So every time I heard another customer wondering how much the polish was, I started rattling off the different prices! Then the sales associate was stocking the polish and I was helping her stock the China Glaze Prismatics Collection because she had no clue what it was, or how many different colors there were! They need to just hire me so I can start getting paid!

 So onto my haul! Here are the pics of what I got!

At Walmart I found some Essie polish. I got (from left to right) She's Picture Perfect, No More Film, Sure Shot, and A Cut Above. The first three colors are from the 2012 Resort Collection and A Cut Above is from the Luxe Effects Collection.

Next up is the China Glaze Prismatics Collection! I got these in the Sally's sale. From left to right, Polarized, Prism, Full Spectrum
Now we have a couple of random polishes I got. The one on the right (ignore the bottle of China Glaze, that's one of the Prismatics I already showed you) is a topcoat I found at Sally's. The brand is Out the Door and it's the Northern Lights Silver Hologram Top Coat. Using this will turn any color holographic, which I love!
On the left we have a bottle of Orly (my first one!) Fowl Play, which I got through a polish swap on the swap section at Makeup Alley. I LOVE this website! It has makeup reviews, pictures, message boards and swap boards. Seriously one of the best websites for make up lovers that I have found! And it's all free!

So there you have it! I have even more polish coming in the mail next week! I'm waiting on my Zoya order and I just ordered my must have colors from the Hunger Games collection from Trans Design since I found out my Sally's store will NOT be getting them in AT ALL. They opened too late to be able order them, which is really funny because they have signs advertising them all over the store! Oh well, I actually was able to get them MUCH cheaper at Trans Design anyways, so that made me happy!

I am currently sporting an Easter manicure, which I will post about this weekend, probably on Easter, and then next week I will have some swatch posts for all the new pretties I got this week!

Happy Easter everyone! I will be shopping for my daughter's Easter Basket tonight, I think I am going to put some Sally Girl polish in her basket for her. The B2G1 sale includes them, and with my Beauty Club Card they are only $.94 each and I think she will like them. Should I pick out colors that I love so I can use them? Hee hee....the perks of being mom! I can steal borrow the presents I buy her!

On a side note, I just realized how many exclamation points are in this post. I feel like you all will think I am a teeny-bopper cheerleader and that I talk like one of those girls where every sentence sounds like a question mark. I promise you , I am not and do not speak like that. I guess nail polish just really excites me.


  1. Very nice haul. I am glad I didn't order from that other place because the place you stated is way cheaper! so TY!

  2. Your welcome! did you notice your shout out in this post?? HA HA!

  3. Yes, yes I did.. thank you verrrry much! :)