Wednesday, April 11, 2012

She's Picture Perfect

The title of this post would make you think I will be blogging about my amazing daughter, who is, in fact, picture perfect, but alas, it's not about her. I'm actually going to be showing you the gorgeousness of Essie's She's Picture Perfect polish from the Resort 2012 collection!

Purple is my favorite color. I love all shades of purple, from lilac to deep dark purple. SPP is a lilac/periwinkle color and it's perfect for a spring color on your nails! I love it and will definitely wear it again!

These pictures were taken with my cell phone early in the morning sunlight. Please ignore the state of my cuticles, I am working on getting them in better shape! There's also some tipwear showing because I took these pics a couple of days after I put this color on my nails and I haven't figured out how to wrap my tips when I polish them to make it last longer.

In the pic above the skin around my pinky nail looks horrible, I know. I got nail glue all over it when I did the teabag fix. The mark on my ring finger is dye from doing the Easter eggs. The only reason I am posting this one is to show you the awesome miracle of the teabag fix! The pinky is the nail I broke in my previous post and look! It's good as new and you can't even tell it was broken! I am so happy I discovered this miracle cure. Now I won't bawl my eyes out if I break a nail!

I added to this mani after I took these pics, so read after the jump to see what I did!

I got sick of just plain polish on my nails after a couple of days, so to freshen up this mani I added my Out the Door Northern Lights Holographic top coat to it and OMG! The SPARKLES!!! This was my first time using this topcoat and I LOVE IT. If you like having sparkly nails but don't like the pain in the ass of removing glitter polish, you NEED this stuff. It turns ANY color sparkly!

Just LOOK at how sparkly and gorgeous this looks in the sunlight! These pics were even taken with my crappy cell phone camera and even with that you can really see how sparkly it is!

I will definitely be using this topcoat again!

So off topic from nail polish, but I am in the middle of planning my daughter's 8th birthday party, which is coming up in a couple of weeks. She is having a Monster High themed party and there is NOWHERE around here that sells any Monster High birthday party supplies, so I have to order everything online. She is super duper excited though, and to be honest, I am too! Monster High is very popular with the girls in her class, and I can't wait to impress all her little friends with the theme. Monster High dolls have been our go-to gift for any party she has been invited to this school year, and every single girl has LOVED getting them.

Every parent wants their child to be well liked and have friends. My daughter is different from her peers. Different in a really good way, but still different and we all know that kids don't usually like different. She has friends, but she hasn't really "clicked" with one special girl yet and  I guess a part of me is hoping that throwing her this 'cool" party will make her friends think she is "cool" too. Sounds so dumb when I say it out loud though. Of course they think she is cool, how can they not??

I will make sure to post pics of her awesome party, plus I am trying to come up with a Monster High themed mani that I can wear to the party (of course!) but I'm not very creative so we will see!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!


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  1. Love that color, though I love all shades of purple too! and I think I will be picking up that glittery top coat. I'm a total glitter polish whore lol sooo pretty!