Saturday, April 7, 2012

I broke a nail but I fixed it with a miracle cure

I cracked my pinky nail somehow last night. I have no idea how. I looked down and realized it was broken below the nail line. But, thanks to the nail board at Makeup Alley I found a miracle fix!!! I'm going to teach you how to do it!

First, you get a teabag. Yup, a teabag. Just a plain old Lipton teabag. Cut it open and dump the tea out.

Then pull the bag open and measure it against the width of your nail. You want it to cover your entire nail bed, but especially where the break is.

Cut the teabag paper to fit the width of your nail. Get some nail glue ( the best to use is the kind that comes with a brush) and cover your entire nail with glue and then gently place the teabag paper on it. You need to make sure there are no air bubbles or gaps under it and the paper is covering where the break is. An easy way to do that without your finger sticking to it is to get some Saran Wrap and put it over the nail while you smooth out the paper and press it to your nail. After it's dried, carefully trim any excess paper off.

Once the paper is smooth on your nail and trimmed to fit, put more nail glue on top. Once it is totally dried, then you can file the tip a bit using a medium grit file and gently buff the top to smooth it out. You don't want to buff through the paper, you just want to smooth it out a little bit.

Your nail should look good as new and the teabag paper should last through about 4-5 polish changes if you use non-acetone polish remover. If you use acetone, it will last through 2-3 polish changes.

Hope this helps anyone like me who dreads breaking a nail!

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