Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Nails

Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope the bunny brought you lots of goodies!!!!

I'm posting my Easter mani for you today, just because I said I would. I personally was not very impressed with the job I did on this, so much so that I already took it off. Free hand nail art is something I am not very good at. Mostly because I can barely draw a stick figure or even a straight line. Trying to draw something on the nails on my right hand? Fuggedaboutit! So while I will post these pics, please don't judge me. I did the best I could and I am hoping that I will get better as I practice more.

So here they are! I used SH Complete in I Pink I Can for the base color and Stripe Rite nail art polish for the designs. The Stripe Rights don't have color names, or even numbers as far as I can tell, but I used shimmery purple, sky blue and shimmery turquoise blue.

This one is my left hand. This is the hand that I feel I did an ok job on. The design on my thumb and index finger doesn't match the rest of them but that's ok. Do they look like Easter Eggs? That's the idea I was going for!

This is my right hand. I am not showing you my thumb because that looks hideous! I'm right handed, so I think I did a pretty good job with this considering I was using my left hand. Except for my thumb. The polka dotted nail is actually the best one I have ever done, so I was happy with that one.

Last night we dyed Easter Eggs with Kool -Aid! Yup, Kool-Aid! All you do is mix a packet of Kool-Aid with 2/3c water and dunk the eggs! And they turned out pretty darn good!
I will definitely be using the Kool-Aid method again next year. The dye smelled so yummy! Some of the colors need to be mixed together to make them bright enough. Like the pink lemonade flavor needs to have some cherry added to it, the grape needs some blue added and the lemonade needs some orange.

Here is Mini-Me hard at work on her eggs! Please excuse my mom's butt in the background. I warned her these were going on the internet so she might want to move, but when I said that, she just stuck her butt out and wiggled it at me. So I snapped the pic and now it's on the internet! You're welcome Mom!

I have no idea why the color in this pic is so off! Maybe the lighting in the kitchen was weird!

Happy Easter!
Mandy and Mini-Me


  1. Oh a great idea for eggs. I feel like I've deprived my kids, we've never done eggs. :s I'm so bad! LOL

  2. Nah, I bet they don't feel deprived! But if you ever do decide to dye eggs, this method is SUPER easy and not very messy at all!